Friday, 19 December 2014

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Long distance relationships – One of the most testing times in love occurs when your loved one has to live in a different city, state or country due to certain obligations. Distances in the earlier days were not too many or too often observed in couples. But now-a-days, starting from teens to adults, there are many such relationships. Modern love, if true, can withstand all these barriers and keep a couple united despite these distances.

Live-in relationships – There are many debates going on about this particular topic. While, in some countries, this is a common practice and not much frowned upon, but, in certain countries, it is still a taboo subject and in some even illegal! The good thing is couples who love each other, but want to be sure of their compatibility with each other, can try staying together for some time before tying the knot. This certainly reduces the number of failed marriages and the after-effects of divorce affecting children and other children. But the convenience and not love draws two people together for such an arrangement, it really gives a bad name to the whole concept.

Maintaining the spark

Most couples tend to lose the spark of being close after several years of getting married. The romance is to be kept alive, and relationship to be maintained. To give time to each other, discussing and remembering the past events can help the couples to maintain the spark.

Presenting gifts

Gifts are said to work like magic, and everybody on Earth likes to be presented with one, however, small or inexpensive it might be. The gift shows how much the person is being liked and cared for. It is not necessary that one has to wait till the birthday or on Christmas to present one, but can also be given without any occasion, just to show how much he or she cares for one another. This particular method is known to be a wonderful strategy that does go well with couples, irrespective of the number of years they are married for.

Spending quality time

The couples need to put in quality time and ensure that they are alone for some time. This way, they can discuss on things that have taken place and share their thoughts. This is extremely important in houses that are crowded with children and other members of the family.


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